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Renames Celtic Spirituality, formerly "Health Spirituality." We aim to encourage and develop awareness of the many benefits of a healthy faith with many innsights from a Celtic perspective. We explore the Mind-Body-Spirit connections. See also Paschal's home faith community at the website of Celtic Christian Chruch. Inspiration: Ps 23, Luke 1: "My sould magnifies the Lord...", & follwing 15 vv., and the words of Amazing grace. Noblesse Oblige.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mindfulness Meditation Practices, 15 tips

Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
How do you nurture your higher self, your spirit?
What are the sources of your hope?
What are the principles we begin with?
Take the well-known Serenity Prayer: " God, grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
Most worthy vision! But how do we locate the wisdom or discover the practice to make it happen? Only, I propose through mindful meditation. Here's how. Consider recognizing, embracing and practicing these rules.
1. The present moment is the only moment we have any control over
2. Concepts create idols; only wonder and awe understand anything. (Gregory of Nyssa)
3. This mystery we call God is ineffable. Do not speak of "God" as a noun or object/ o do so presumes that through human words, we can understand this mystery.
4. Since there is "That of God" in every person (sole Quaker belief), then the need to be right is the beginning of violence.
5. We are unconsciously addicted to our own Ego, while believing that the ego validates us, with its history and set of beliefs and values. This is a false and limited self, which will be reinforced by finding negativity outside itself. The belief that the ego is what gives us credibility, value and endorsement is, in fact, insane, and further constitutes to the chaos and insanity of the world. This is an illusion.
6. The human ego is a false guide, leading us into every kind of misjudgment, the belief that we can and should construct value from what we do.
7. We cannot become open to the vanity of our ego and is contrivances without failing miserably but then accepting and surrendering to this failure as the very beginning of wisdom.
8. The practice of mindfulness, that is, developing the power of the observing self, and the power of being totally present to the Now, is the secret of wisdom.
9. To be fully present to the Is-ness of life and of myself is the spiritual practice to be cultivate
10, The mystery of Being is to be found everywhere.
11. I am the gift of my parents, grandparents, and 10,000 grandmothers and grandfather to the( present moment. They survived and thrived against incredible odds that I might be here.
12. I am gifted by my DNA to "overcome the monster," to survive and thrive. I am a miracle survival, literally, the stuff of stars and a spark of divine creativity.
13. Begin each day with Mindfulness practice.
14. Invite into your awareness, you council of Elders and benefactors and ancestors, your ci of Wisdom teachers. See who shows up and what they have to say to you today. Just be pre to them   15. We are literally, the stuff of stars, the first generation to know that we come from the E stars. We are the universe observing itself, Each of us a spark of Being, related to all that
There are stories behind each of those principles Some references: Mindfulness Meditation, Daniel Siegel, The Power of Now, Practicing Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, and many books by John Kabat-Zinn.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Holy Thursday & the Sacrament of Christian Authority.: humble service

Holy Thursday and the forgotten Sacrament of Christian Authority.
Problem 1
I like your term "arrogant theology." –discussion with a friend.
Or, another's term:

"Strong theology" = characterized by:
Power over, control, guilt, creed,
De-emphasizing the personal search,
(finding and going to one’s own well of inspiration,)
Readiness to judge and exclude,
Not allow questioning
The sacred text is holy and tru, not to be challenged.,
"Right Teaching" (defined by us) is the ultimate criterion;
Circle the wagons in threat or conflict.
Refusal to listen (= not necessary) WE have the last say, the whole truth.

Problem 2
The last 3, maybe 4 generations of Catholics are so abused,
numbed out, exiled, and fed up or despairing, unaware
of the magnificent personal challenge of finding and embracing
the grace filled adventure of their own spiritual journey.

“I will show you how the ‘master,’ ‘the teacher” as you call me,” he said,
"should act."
“Take off your shoes, I will wash your feet.”
This is the forgotten sacrament of Christian authority.
It has all required elements needed to be declared a sacrament.
1.     Jesus did it,
2.     He ordered us to repeat it.
3.     It is an efficacious sign of Grace.
4.     Furthermore, Jesus illustrates what he means by this example of humble service
In the admonitions of Matthew 25. "Whatsoever you do to theses (hungry, thirsty, sick, in jail broken), you do to me.

These element are far more clear for establishing a Sacrament than those found for the "sacrament" of marriage." (Note: Marriage was not declared a sacrament until Albert and Aquinas
in the 12th century

Celtic Spirituality, Celtic Grace is mystical, found everywhere in "thin places."
-even endorsed by the Celtic Christian Church, with whom (full disclosure) I am affiliated.
Anam Cara, Soul Friend, by John O'Donohue, expresses well this view.
I plan, "God willing & the crick don't rise," a new extension of ministry of
Celtic Spirituality in Lexington, Ky, -Blog Celtic Spirituality. Invitation.
-Beginning in May with sponsoring and leading a new creative writer's group, meeting monthly.

Paschal Baute, April 2, 2015
Celtic Grace: Thin Places, Paschal Baute, (2014)
Where Do I Find "God" Stories, Paschal Batgue (2015)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celtic Spirituality S.O.S. Invitation from Paschal

Celtic Spirituality SOS seeks to rescue the faith journey from a fearful and dogmatic religion, bad theology and a literal bible. Each faith journey is unique. Each of us is a New Story of God, created in the Divine Image. This faith is more comfortable with mystery, love and grace than with "right believing" and boundaries.

Instead of just writing blogs, (Celtic Spirituality in Kentucky and Celtic Spirituality), I have decided to offer a presence for sharing, gathering, mindful meditation and retreats in Lexington, Ky. I will also be developing a website, besides blogs, for this presence.Your prayers are requested for this leading.

I have been a married Catholic priest associated with the Celtic christian Church for at least ten years (see website). My current ministries are Chaplain to my Blind Veterans chapter in Lexington, a wedding chapel (Amazing Grace Chapel), interfaith spirituality, prison ministry, Spellbinder storytelling and writing books on total wellness. I now have 13 books on kindle and soon ten on Amazon. . My cell phone is (859) 293-5302. 
My retreat center for gatherings is in east Fayette County, 10 miles from downtown Lexington. Let's talk.

of The Golden Domer, Notre Dame Senior Alumni Newsletter,

At the end you will find an invitation to share your own story....
in a series I am developing. Volume One now published.

Paschal is a disabled blind Veteran trained by FA Blinid Rehab Center computer program.
His aim is to demonstrate that blind Veterans can still be productive.
His goal is to create a bookshlef on total wellness for counselors and careivers.

My Spellbinder storytelling journey is told on Encore.org at

A podcast interview can be found at Kentucky Voices and Views.

Information and reviews of my memoir are found at

For listing of my 13 books on kindle and nine on Createsapce, put
my name “Paschal Baute” in the vbrowser there.